AFG Whitepaper

About the Guild

Our Positioning, or, Being in the Right Place, at the Right Time

Entering into a bear market has major advantages for buyers and investors alike. Firstly, blockchain assets become relatively inexpensive. Secondly, the process of natural selection that a bear market brings about tends to kills off; subpar projects, short term cash-grab opportunists, and sadly, underfunded projects that may have amounted to something in a bull market.
In short, bear markets bring cream-of-the-crop projects and assets to the forefront, at exceptional prices.
The AFG Guild was planned in Q3 of 2021 but with the static of a raging bull market, and prices of assets sky high, we decided to postpone the launch. Opting to wait for the inevitable bear market the US Federal Reserve would create through its decision to raise interest rates. A bear market, which we believe will continue to play out and intensify over the summer. Giving our Guild a chance to go shopping, at a discount. This is not investment advice.

So what is a Guild anyway

As it relates to us, and to the wider crypto world we’re in, a guild is typically a group of investors, who buy up blockchain game assets. They then lend these assets to players in developing nations, where the minimum wage is atrocious. The process of lending is called a Scholarship.
Players who receive a scholarship are appointed a manager who manually oversees the process and tracks a players progress. Players go on to use the assets to earn NFTs and Tokens, typically amounting to far more than minimum wage in their nation. The Guild takes 20-40%, reinvests in more assets, and perpetuates it’s own growth, under this model.

Is that what the AFG Guild is?

No, although we do like the humanitarian undertones. The reason for that is traditional guilds (mentioned above) put extreme amounts of downward pressure on a games assets. It isn’t the guilds fault, it’s typically the games fault as it was set up to heavily reward users holding low quality assets. This in turn puts downward pressure on that guilds assets. So it’s a win win for a bit, and then it all crashes. In short, the business models of traditional guilds, and the games they invest in, aren’t sustainable.
The AFG Guild’s focus is more about Quality assets that retain – and increase in – value, vs quantity of assets. We’re also more exclusive. Our Guildmaster membership only allows for 100 people. Our scholarship program, drafted by an MIT student will only allow for up-to 20 players, and our asset lending (2023-2024), only 200 people. This is because our end goal is to launch an asset rental app (the Ape Fun Arcade) for all of the assets in our vault. The reason for this is to automate the asset lending process leaving our Guild to operate much like a SaaS.
Instead of you buying a guild-access pass NFT and being paired with a scholarship manager who manually lends you an asset and tracks your progress, you’ll buy a monthly rental subscription NFT and the app will handle everything from there. An app with team reviews and user reviews, for each game.
Our market is slightly different also, they’re gamers who’d like to explore titles without having to dish out thousands of dollars on high-quality assets, just to see if they enjoy a title.

How do I join the Guild and what are the benefits?

To join the governing body of the Guild, and enjoy the benefits that come with it, you'll need to own a Guildmaster NFT. There are only 100 of them, and 2 of them are permanently out of circulation. They belong to Caesar and Smash.
To join the larger guild, and get early access to the assets before the launch of the rental app, you'll need to purchase an Ape Fun Gaming All Access Pass.