AFG Whitepaper

Project Roadmap (2021-2025)

Phase 1: 2021-2022

Draft guild core mechanics, governance and tokenomics (completed)
Seed the Vault with over 5000 utility NFTs from various top-level blockchain based games and seed the Treasury with 1 quadrillion Ape Fun Tokens for a 20 month even release. Seed the vault with 600 Battle Kongs, 150 Apex Kong Totems, and 10% of the KongQuest Founders Edition Rank NFTs. (completed)
Allow the core team to utilize and/or lend assets from the vault where one or both of the following occur: 1. 50% of earnings are reinvested into more assets and those assets are added to the vault and/or 2. 50% of assets acquired are added directly to the vault. Smash will be in charge of this. (in progress)
Launch main website and set up private channels for Guildmasters (in progress)
Launch Guildmaster, All Access Pass and Battle Kong Mint Pass sale. (in progress)
Build private Vault and Treasury dashboard accessible to Guildmaster NFT holders. (in progress)
Enable monthly voting and governance via private Guildmaster channels on Discord.
Begin acquiring assets for the Treasury.
Launch vault overview access for Guildmasters.
Draft scholarship program for exceptional players outside of team and guildmasters. This program will be hyper-exclusive.

Phase 1 Continued: 2023

Contract for quarterly vault reports / reports will be made available to the public.
Allow select players to utilize vault assets under scholarship program. Managed by the team.
Allow Early Access holders the ability to borrow assets from the vault. Managed by the team.

Phase 2: 2024-2025

Build rental app. Allow AFT holders to rent assets from the vault. Managed by the app.
Launch monthly subscription pass NFT line.