AFG Whitepaper

The AFG Guild Team

Caeser - Boston, USA

Founder, Head of Concept & In-House Development

Tech Entrepreneur and Humanitarian – Caesar’s love for bringing new tech-based businesses and grassroots humanitarian projects to life is second only to his love for immersive games with deep storylines, battle movies and producing music.
Caesar has sat on 3 NPO boards, launched viral (decentralized) grassroots humanitarian projects, scaled a company throughout NYC, and worked with clients that ranged from A24 Films and WeWork, to an MIT and former Uber Founders venture capital firms: The Engine and EXPA.
Caesar’s ability to juggernaut into chaotic new spaces, create value, and onboard partners is key to Ape Funs long-term success as a project.
Fun Fact: The US Army once asked for Caesar’s help after a natural disaster.

Smash - Boston, USA

Research & Scholarship Manager, AFG Guild Hall Clerk

Smash is obsessed with the NFT gaming space and for good reason, she's an avid gamer, coder and a budding 3D artist. She'd break down ways to beat games with a team 7 days a week, however, her life as an MIT student simply won't allow for that – at least not all day long.
Smash is in charge of outlining the scholarship program, managing the players and reporting earned assets back to Ceasar for Vault storage and accounting.
Fun Fact: Smash gave 2 TED talks before she turned 16.