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About the Game

Game Overview

The Banana Kingdom is a an upcoming RTSMMO blockchain game where players use 5 different base element tokens to craft the weapon-and-gear NFTs they’ll need to battle for the top spot in the game. Play solo as a nomadic Wanderer of the 4 regions, or battle for land and status as part of a regional tribe. In the Banana Kingdom, your crafting materials and battle earnings are tokens, your weapons, gear, tool sets, rank, tribes regional status class and land are all NFTs that give you different avenues to earn and expand your turf. Get a head start on your journey to becoming the ruler of the Banana Kingdom by joining us in the Pre-Game KongQuest. After you join head over to your KongQuest dashboard to begin your journey ~
All KongQuest prizes and discounted Rank NFTs are limited and available on a first come first serve basis. KongQuest ends when Regional Status NFT prizes are exhausted.