AFG Whitepaper

Benefits For Earlybirds, The Pre-Game KongQuest

The KongQuest has begun!

KongQuest Overview

The KongQuest is a competition for our Regional Status Class NFTs, 2000 of the rarest NFTs in the game. Winners who claim prizes receive mint passes tied to their KongQuest account which are redeemable when the KongQuest ends. The KongQuest - or KQ for short - launched on November 23rd 2021 to a small founding audience and in addition to the prizes, it's the only way to lock in access to our Tribal Rank NFTs at a discount.

Merit Based Rewards and Presale at a Discount, or, why we built the KongQuest App

A lot of care and detail were put into the KongQuest app. From the linear storylines as you work your way through each region, to the overall layout and design. And that care was taken for 2 specific reasons: To reward early supporters of the game, and to give diehard supporters a way to contribute to the development of the project in its earliest phase.

App Features

The KQ app itself is a fully contained social network where players can: Compete in the KongQuest for prizes, grab discounted mint passes (that are gated by your KQ rank), prebuild a tribe, earn from their tribal members progression in the KongQuest, stake Ape Fun Tokens, farm rewards, and get a small glimpse of the games art and lore.

How It Works

To participate in the KongQuest, head over and create an account. Once you're signed in, head to the My KongQuest page and chose one (or more) of the 4 Banana Kingdom regions then select “Climb the Ranks”.
In each region you start as a Wastelander who's snuck into the Kingdom, a defector of the Wasteland Kongs hoards. You arrive in search of a better future. Each region has it’s own challenges, rewards, story, and path to follow that culminates in the reaching of Apex Kong within the app. Completing all 4 KongQuests nets it's own secret reward, a Kingdom weapon that can only be earned in the KongQuest.
Kingdom weapons are weapons that can be used in any region. See "Merging Weapons From Different Regions" in the Crafting & Battling section for more about Kingdom weapons.

When Does the KongQuest End?

The KongQuest takes, at a minimum - for the most dedicated of questers - 4-5 months to complete. It officially ends when the last Regional Status Class NFT is claimed by a quester. At the current pace we believe that’ll happen in early 2023. But it could end as soon as early Q4 2022.