AFG Whitepaper

Crafting & Battling, The Tokens You Need

Crafting Overview

At the start of the game there will be over 100 different weapons per region that can be enhanced with Shard Essence. To craft these weapons you'll need the 4 different tokens in the coming sections. Using different amounts of tokens will net you different weapon builds. Once you have an array of weapons, you'll be able to combine any 2 of the same weapon to craft an entirely new weapon not shown as a locked basic weapon in your weapons dashboard.
Once you have the formulas down for base weapons and merge a few, you'll quickly find out you can merge 2 of the same merged weapons to create an even greater weapon, and so on. And the same goes for gear. At the start of the game each region will have about 30 different sets of gear. Each set will be made up of 6-8 different equipable items. You'll be able to mix and match these items, each of witch provide their own defensive bonuses and unique buffers in combat.
Any item you craft can be minted to the Kingdom marketplace. Any marketplace combat item you buy becomes part of your inventory in the game, you can relist it later, enhance it, merge it with a similar weapon to create a new weapon and so on. The same goes for gear. As of now, weapons and gear from one region are not useable in another region, except in tournaments.

Merging Weapons & Gear From Different Regions

In the game you'll have Bananatopian, Neverii, Kongite and Apexian weapons. The only way to use a weapon across different regions is to fuse 4 weapons (one from each region) of single weapon type and weapon class into a Kingdom weapon. The Kingdom Staff that can be won in the KongQuest is one such weapon. You can see a concept version of this weapon on the homepage of the KQ app. It fused all 4 Apex Kong rank structures from the KQ into the clubbing end of a staff. That staff can be used in any region. And the same goes for gear.

Battle Overview

We won't reveal too many of the mechanics here, or break down all the fine details until after the land sale. We don't want anyone stealing our proprietary formula but, you will have PvP and TvT (tribe vs tribe) battle options, as well as monthly tournaments. If you're really confident in your equipment, you'll also have the chance to structure your ideal opponents and enable an autobattler feature. This will open up your character to auto battles against anyone who takes the bait - while you sleep. But, this section is about Battle Assets, not mechanics and that's where the Banana token comes into play. You will need Bananas for everything battle related except the tournaments. Why - and how the combat system works - will be revealed after we hold our land sale.