AFG Whitepaper

Banana Token

Banana Token (BANANA) Overview

Banana Tokens are the main currency of the Banana Kingdom. They can be won in PVP and Tribe vs Tribe battle and be used to pay for weapon, gear and tool enhancement services from regional Oracles and defense construction from regional Builders. All Battle Kong holders will receive a 6,250,000 Banana Token airdrop. As mentioned in the previous section, more will be revealed about the specific mechanics of how, and why this token is used (read as: staked) to unlock battle features. The Banana token will have a maximum supply of 500 billion tokens.
BANANA token will be available on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain in late 2022. In 2023 an AFT/BANANA pairing (on ETH and BSC) will be added to the Banana Kingdoms central marketplace. A full tokenomics breakdown can be found here.