AFG Whitepaper

Project Roadmap (2021-2024)

2021 - 2022 (Game Prep)

Draft core mechanics of game. (completed)
Choose a plug-n-play studio to assist in game development. (completed)
Launch the Ape Fun Token. (completed)
Complete artwork for all NFT and Token assets. (completed)
Develop partner outreach strategy and contract marketing firm for land sale. (completed)
Launch the pre-game competition, the KongQuest. (completed)
Launch main game website, main project website and full whitepaper. (in progress)
Hold land sale and begin game development. (this happens when Ethereum V2 launches)
Fund liquidity / Launch crafting asset tokens: BANANA, WOOD, ORE, BONE, LEATHER and ESSENCE on Binance Smart Chain.
Add staking of AFT to farm these assets to the KongQuest app.
Fund liquidity / Bridge all Binance Token assets (including AFT) to Ethereum V2. Launch Bridge and engage Ethereum community.
Minting of Regional Status and Rank Tokens. (this happens when the KongQuest ends)

2023 - 2024 (Game Development/Launch)


Land Owners (2023)

Our Battle Kong landlord NFT holders will get the first look at the game, and access to their land development dashboards in 2023.

Private Alpha:

Chieftain NFT Holders (2023)

Land Owners and holders of any edition Chieftain NFT holders will get private access to the game. Available gameplay will be limited to PvP battle. Full weapon and gear crafting capabilities will also be available.

Private Beta & Marketplace Launch:

All Tribal Rank NFT Holders (2023-2024)

Land Owners and holders of any edition Tribal Rank NFT will get private access to the game. Full gameplay will be available including everything above plus the minting of any crafted items, tribe building, tribe vs tribe battle and open land battle.