AFG Whitepaper


This document and all of its contents is the informational master document for all Ape Fun Gaming projects mentioned herein otherwise known as the "Banana Kingdom" or "Ape Fun Gaming Guild" / "AFG Guild" and supersedes any and all previous or future documents (that are not this master document), text, audio and/or video recordings, or imagery produced by or procured from any of our media and/or team assets, including but not limited to websites, social media accounts, 3rd party websites, moderators, team, leadership or founding members. This document and all content herein are subject to change at the sole discretion of Ape Fun Gaming and/or founding members of any of it's projects as needed. All future adaptations (versions) of this document supersede all previous versions.
(In short, this document is God. Not what ya heard somewhere else. And it may be adapted as time goes by.)
Any representations or statements made by Ape Fun Gaming, AFG Guild, and/or Banana Kingdom as well as any use of our gamified digital assets or tokens; whether digital, fungible and/or non-fungible (Bananas, Sacks, Keys, BANANA, WOOD, ORE, BONE, HYDE, SHARD AFT and/or NFTs, collectively the “Tokens”), on any platform, service, media, game, or otherwise (the “Project or Projects”), whether or not we own, operate, control or otherwise have any connection to them shall be subject to this disclaimer. Additional terms and conditions may apply to the Project or Tokens and may change over time at our discretion. Please read and familiarize yourself with this disclaimer before interacting with the Project or Tokens. Any information communicated by the Project, or lite paper, whitepaper, our websites at, and (the “Website" or "sites”) or any communication channels (collectively, the “Materials”) whether or not on our behalf, shall not be deemed as financial advice or a recommendation to buy sell or interact in any way with the Project or Tokens or any other service, product or technology related or not related to the Project. All Materials are for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon wholly or partially when making any decisions related to the Project or otherwise. Any statements or implications made in the Materials are not guaranteed to be accurate, reliable, complete, non-infringing and as such, are intended to be used at your discretion with the understanding that you are solely responsible for any possible damages, financial or otherwise, from engaging with the Project. Always do you own due diligence before making any decisions. No part of the Project, Materials or any related information should be taken as legal or financial advice. The Materials contain forward-looking statements based on current expectations that contain risks and uncertainties which are inherent to the rapidly developing and changing industry. Any and all statements, opinions, projections, or forecasts found in the Materials or otherwise communicated by us are subject to change and should be considered forward-looking statements. We give no guarantees that said forward-looking statements will prove to be accurate or correct. The Tokens should not be considered a financial instrument, security, share, debt, loan or investment and there is no guarantee that they will perform as expected or hold any particular value over time and we do not make warranties or representations of any kind in regard to the Tokens. We do not guarantee or imply that the Tokens will have any future use or be fit for any particular purpose. None of the information in our Materials should be taken as advice on whether or not to buy or sell Tokens at any time. We follow high security standards and make all reasonable efforts to protect and secure the Project, Materials and Tokens, however, we do not guarantee protection against any and all attacks from phishing, malware or other software or hardware vulnerabilities. This includes any breach or breakdown of any blockchain on which the Token is deployed. You are solely responsible for any Tokens you hold and the Project is not responsible for any loss due to mishandling of information on your part, accidental or unintended transactions by you, or any legal sanctions placed on the jurisdiction in which you or anyone who interacts with the Project, Materials or Tokens resides. You hereby hold us, our employees, partners, representatives, developers and contractors harmless and indemnified to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations from any losses or damages related to the Project or Tokens in perpetuity.
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